Friday, June 3, 2011

Eternal Legacy HD (Android)

Eternal Legacy HD
Requirements: Android 2.1 or higher
apk+data | May 2011

Become part of the great cinematic landscapes in the world of this intense role-playing game - a worthy successor to the affairs of its predecessors on Android.
Mysterious world Algoada
• A fascinating story, full of adventure and responsibility: you - Astrian, your duty - to save Algoad from destruction and restore the relationship between man and nature.
• Mix of fantasy and science fiction: fight with swords and guns, meet the robots and magicians and fly on our own boat!
• provides enormous space: otrenderennye in 3D, with 360 degrees.

Smooth system of combat
• Dynamic combat: pre ask your attacks that will follow one after another, until it fills the scale of action.
• Epic battles carefully traced in 3D, many animations.
• Up to 3 characters will fight together: assemble a team and define the behavior of their teammates.

Survive your adventure
• Choose your own path, interacting with the environment, objects, people and enemies, or unraveling puzzles to overcome obstacles.
• People who meet on your way, can join you, to open some secret, give any job - voiced dialogues will help you talk to them.
• You may want to perform subtasks, which will help prolong your life and gain experience.
• Customize your character and weapons: you - the master of his fate.



Galaxy TAB:

HTC Desire HD n other snapdragon/adreno:

HTC Desire n other snapdragon/adreno:

Motorola Milestone:

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10:


- Pass: prastmoz
- put folder "GloftELHP" to sdcard\Gameloft\Games\
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  2. Nice review. I like this movie. I think it is the one of my best movie, which I have seen.


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