Thursday, March 24, 2011

Android Seven (Pro) v2.2.3.4 (Android)

Android Seven (Pro) v2.2.3.4
Requirements: Android versions 2.2+
1 MB | 2011

Microsoft Windows 7 on your Android device! Android Seven Pro is totally reliable and easy to operate.

Pro Features:
The highlited features of this app are:
1: You can use this application with any sized LCD, All htc Android 2.2 Mobiles and Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy Tab and many mores.....,
2: New File Explorer
- User can share files.
- Create shortcut of Folder and Files on Home Screen.
- User Can have different folder views (Larg Icons, Medium Icons, Small Icons, Details View).
- Now User can open file of unknown type with Text, Audio, Video or Image types.
- User Can View Number of Items in folder and also size, last modified date in details view.
- Zip and Unzip support is added like in windows.
3: User can Fling on Top of screen to show and Hide Status bar.
- Fling Down on Top of screen to show Statusbar.
- Fling Up on Top to Hide Statusbar.
4: Now User can have More shortcuts on screen (up to 36 items).
5: Padding from Top in portrait Mode is now fixed and Icons now look more coupled.
6: Time Update Bug is Fixed.
7: Warnning Alert on Exit is added to stop unwanted exits.
8: And Few other known bugs are removed.

What's in this version:
>Screen Orientation can be changed with sensor
>Fling the Statusbar on top of the screen
>Time Update Bug is Fixed
>Warnning Alert on Exit is added
>Power full Flashplayer added
>SWF Files can run from sd card
>Widget reset bug is removed
>File Explorer Updated
>Filter Bar is added for Programs
>Send & Share More Functional now
>Added Windows 7 To All programs list also
>Shortcut is added to Notification bar
>"More apps" feature is added
>Apk size is reduced
>Speed is more fast now

Download Android Seven (Pro) v2.2.3.4


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